Spread the Message via Email

The key to successfully TAKE BACK SAN DIEGO is by spreading the message.  Doing so is easy, free, and quick to accomplish:

The email addresses for our elected leaders, media, and such are listed below.  Feel free to copy and paste their addresses into your individual email, and then draft a paragraph or two using your own words. 

Sample Email

To: mayortoddgloria@sandiego.gov

Subject: Sunbreak Ranch is the Answer

Dear Mayor Gloria,

Sunbreak Ranch is the answer to solving the homeless humanitarian crisis that is ravaging our streets, canyons and public parks, and also making life and business difficult for all of us.

Are you speedily pursuing the implementation of Sunbreak Ranch?  If so, when will it happen?  If not, why not?  And what is your alternative plan that is better?


Jane Sample

Email Addresses for Our Elected Leaders, Media and Such

Please copy, paste, and email as you see appropriate.