Real Time Shelter Dashboard

At present, there is not a real-time dashboard displaying the number of total beds available by bed type and location, with easily accessible contact information.  One of the first steps to meaningfully address the homelessness issue is to create a real-time dashboard. This will enable the county to serve as a clearinghouse that individual cities can contract with to connect homeless individuals with available resources.

According to the most recently reported Point-In-Time count of 2022, of the nearly 18,000 beds available in San Diego county for various shelter programs, supportive housing and permanent housing, occupancy ranged approximately from 70% – 85%.  This means that on any given night, roughly 2,700 – 5,400 beds go unoccupied.  This while our streets and canyons are teeming with tents and people suffering.

A real-time dashboard at Sunbreak Ranch would assist homeless outreach teams connect homeless individuals with the available resources in real-time.  

Source: data under 2022 year