Our Four Goals

  1. END THE HOMELESS HUMANITARIAN CRISIS THAT IS RAVAGING OUR STREETS, CANYONS, AND PUBLIC PARKS — Despite what elected officials say, this is an achievable goal via a combination approach of Sunbreak Ranch as our region’s central homeless triage location, coupled with the development of a Real Time Shelter Dashboard and a Real Time Employment Dashboard. This dual “compassion-centered” approach will help save thousands of lives of our fellow citizens, as well as save billions of taxpayer dollars.
  2. RETURN TO THE RULE OF LAW ON ALL OF OUR STREETS, CANYONS AND PUBLIC PARKS — AND ESTABLISH A FUTURE OF DIGNITY AND RESPECT FOR ALL — This is achievable once Sunbreak Ranch is operational, because “Sunbreak will establish a clean, healthy, safe, and secure place for everyone in need”. This is the key ingredient to enable our return to the Rule of Law and establish a future of dignity and respect for all.
  3. MAKE SAN DIEGO THE CLEANEST BIG CITY IN AMERICA — San Diego was once one of the cleanest big cities in America, but now is disgustingly filthy beyond recognition. With the Sunbreak Ranch homeless triage location operational, matched with our return to the Rule of Law, making San Diego the cleanest big city in America will become a reality.
  4. RETURN OUR STREETS, CANYONS, AND PUBLIC PARKS TO CLEAN, HEALTHY, SAFE, AND SECURE PLACES FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY — By achieving our first three goals, this one will quickly fall into place.